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Case Study 3

Human Resources / Government.


Transformation of Human Resources Function.


Our client was a large government agency with a workforce of 8,000 employees geographically dispersed across the State of Queensland.  HR Services were delivered from 5 separate “HR Shops” based in the Brisbane CBD. 

The “HR Shops” existed as a product of multiple organisational restructures and each one had very well established relationships, processes and service practices surrounding it – making change and integration with other “shops” particularly challenging.

Across the “5 shops” each HR unit had varied reputations for delivery and performance with their clients. Pockets of excellence, pockets of duplication, and a wide range of processes existed. 


Engaged as internal consultants during this engagement, Johnston & Goldsmith worked with the Director-General and the Department’s Executive Committee, the HR Transformation team and industry specialists to:

  • Design the HR Transformation Program of work
  • Coach senior leaders in a governance and Program Management approach that facilitated the dialogue with the Department’s executive. The Program became an Action Learning opportunity for the groups to interact differently as a whole.
  • Undertake a comprehensive Current State Analysis of the 5 "HR Shops” (and of previously unidentified “HR” resources distributed within the broader organisation), involving targeted interviews, surveys, diagnostics, analysis and report preparation
  • Facilitate support and agreement to a Future State Design which incorporated a new Service Delivery Model and Funding Model for HR Service Delivery
  • Manage Change and Communications with internal and external stakeholders
  • Design a suite of supporting artefacts including a HR Service Framework, HR Service Catalogue, HR Strategic Framework, Business Partner model and supporting HR policies.


  • Consolidated resources from across the 5 "HR Shops" into a contemporary HR Service Delivery Model, boasting effective HR Business Partners who work in concert with central Centres of Expertise in Organisational Development, Employee & Industrial Relations, Workplace Health and Safety and Policy
  • A re-designed Service Catalogue based on a shared HR Service Framework, developed from an international standard
  • New HR organisational structure with clearly defined accountabilities
  • Improved client satisfaction whilst reducing overall staffing levels