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Against a backdrop of deep respect for the wisdom that exists within organsiations, we contribute our expertise in designing and navigating changes to Strategy, Organisational Design and Human Behaviour. Boards and Executives engage us as trusted advisors as they seek to apply contemporary business ideas in complex and dynamic settings. 

Our niche interest in Education, Health, Public Administration, Not-For-Profit and Faith-based environments sees us working with inspiring organisations across Australia.


Industry Experts.


Every day we work with people who believe in something bigger. Educators and Administrators across the National and Global education landscape continue to explore innovative and impactful ways to drive school and system improvement. They do this, not just to ensure academic progress for each child, but to enable our learners to flourish and contribute to building the world we all want to live in. Its a big job. We love playing our part.


not for profit

A warm bed. A roof. Someone to talk to. Our clients are the ones who care and do something about it. Working with providers who span the spectrum of community services, we support the sector to grasp challenges associated with changes in government and consumer purchasing, scarce resources and the constant need to sure up financial sustainability to meet the needs of the poor or disadvantaged.

Domestic Violence, Child Safety, Disability Support and Aged Care are just some of the places they go to make a difference. We love to travel with them. 

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
— John Lennon


Todays healthcare professionals meet a consumer market who demand a service the tax system struggles to fund. In the midst of it all, the phenomenal talent, passion and commitment of our clients in the Health sector finds them pioneering technology, medicine and people solutions that transform lives and contribute to progress. It's our deep privilege to contribute our ideas with those who want to make the world well.



To live in alignment with one's higher purpose. To have faith in something more. Our work with Educators, Health care providers and Not-for-profits who have emerged and retain their connection to faith-based histories continues to nourish us and drive change in the world every day.

Tackling the challenges of transparent governance, accountability and managing performance in a culture of kindness are just some of the places we collaborate to make a difference.


To be in the service of the Public. What greater calling? Our clients in government inspire us every day as they tirelessly seek ways to stretch the country's tax dollars, making Australia one of the best places in the world. 

We understand that people who work in government are there because they want to make a difference in the world. Something we have in common.


arts and culture

Of all our privileges, perhaps the greatest is our opportunity to work with organisations whose mission is to ensure the richness of our history, the insights into our now and the explosion of ideas that create our future are seen and held by the community. The experts and administrators who are entrusted with this brief bear the challenges of big business, political context and advocating for the intangible contributions that become the tax payers "Return on Investment".

We love contributing our expertise to this kaleidoscope of adventures.


Just ask our clients.



We have valued and been delighted with the strategic insights of the Review and the exceptional facilitation skills that Johnston & Goldsmith have provided to our teams as we have progressed through this significant restructure and re-alignment.
— CEO, Queensland Museum Network

J&G were critical partners in the design and oversight of these important organisational changes. Their knowledge of contemporary organisational change and improvement processes and their ability to apply those to our context contributed greatly to the achievement of these outcomes.
— Dr. Pat Coughlan, Executive Director, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office
J&G understand the unique challenges facing faith-based organisations and have contributed significant technical knowledge and fresh ideas for implementing successful change.
— Dr Dan White, Executive Director, sydney catholic schools office

From the conception of the program, J&G Consulting demonstrated outstanding change leadership and technical professionalism in all facets of the transformation effort. In particular, their flexible but disciplined approach to program and project management ensured an ambitious program was delivered on time and within budget. Of particular importance in delivering these outcomes was their extensive experience base, analytical and conceptual skills and exceptional engagement and consultation skills.
— Executive Director, Human Resources, Queensland Department of Housing & Public Works

The professional expertise and personal commitment they bring to their work is a strength in the consultancy services J&G provide. Accountability and documentation is maintained and their consultative and collaborative approach is valued by me and others in our organisation. It is evident that they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their work and I am grateful to them for their willingness to be flexible in their approach to working with us.
— Pam Betts, Executive Director, Brisbane Catholic Education
In every aspect of the consultancy I was delighted with the process and the outcome. J&G combine their talent and expertise to understand our organisational requirements, to consider the views of those most likely to be affected by any structural change and to provide advice based on internationally accredited quality benchmarks to allow our organisation to meet the service requirements of a challenging and dynamic education environment. Their capacity to listen, to analyse and to present a clear proposal for advancing the organisation’s strategic HR capability leads me to confidently and sincerely recommend them.
— Dr Cathy Day, Executive Director, Townsville Catholic Education
The staff of J&G have proven to be consummate professionals, engaged and hands on, they live and breath an acute knowledge of contemporary business practice and strategy development. They have empowered our organisation in business improvement and change that has seen a new focus on strategy and action. J&G provide a consultancy that is affordable, authoritative and respectful - and they achieve results.
— Michael Kearney, Director, Administrative Services, Brisbane Catholic Education

The scope of this project was very broad and through a process of clarification the team delivered a report that forms a solid basis for the Network to implement. The Chief Executive commented to the reviewers that their final report was of a very high standard.”
— Director, Workforce, Sydney Children's Hospital Network

J&G are without doubt among the highest calibre HR strategist I have had the opportunity to work with in government ... their skills in developing and implementing significant business programs in challenging environments are exceptional.
— Executive Director, ICT Strategy & Planning, Department of Science, Information Technology & Innovation

Johnston & Goldsmith helped us develop and hone our business strategy including planning optimal organisational design scenarios. They provided us with high quality strategic counsel and coaching that was delivered with passion for our business and backed by industry data.”

”We’ve engaged with many consultants over the years and what struck us as J&G’s point of difference was their willingness to take the time to truly get to know our business. Unlike other consulting firms that we have interacted with, the advice and solutions that they provided were not ‘one size fits all’. They were carefully planned, targeted and unique to our context. We appreciated their genuine enthusiasm for our business and strategic goals that we were wanting to achieve. J&G’s down-to-earth and friendly approach was well received by multiple stakeholders within our company.
— General Manager, Operations, Salary Packaging Australia