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Human Behaviour

When culture is key.

Successful businesses invest time and money in setting their strategic direction and designing the roles and structures that will position them for performance. In today’s complex and constantly changing climate, it’s a rare leader who hasn’t wondered why these efforts still didn’t deliver the uplift in delivery they’d hoped for.

Johnston & Goldsmith employ a team of psychologists, behavioural and social scientists who are expert in lifting individual and team performance. Our niche interest in the ways that people engage in their work, derive meaning from contribution and ultimately add value in the world, is what sets us apart.


Organisational Development & Strategic HR.

Knowing how to get the best from your people. Maximising the performance of your people is the greatest investment any business can make in it’s own improvement. The Johnston & Goldsmith team bring decades of experience and the latest research into human performance to their Organisational Development and Strategic Human Resources Management solutions. We are experts in:

  • Workforce strategy
  • Executive & leadership development
  • Mentoring & high potential programs 
  • Diversity & inclusion strategies
  • Strategic recruitment & assessment centres
  • Talent attraction & retention strategies
  • Employee assistance & critical incident programs
  • Culture & climate interventions
  • Learning & development
  • On-boarding programs
  • Outplacement, retirement & exit strategies


Knowing how to get the most from your HR function. Johnston & Goldsmith are niche specialists when it comes to building high impact HR functions. We help our clients build their HR capacity and capability through HR:

  • Transformation
  • Service delivery model review, design, delivery frameworks & catalogues 
  • Policy, process & practice reviews
  • Data, metrics & reporting reviews
  • Team development
  • Workforce capability assessments & development 
  • HR consultancy training
  • Strategic HR resource recruitment
  • HR vendor sourcing


Executive Coaching.

Sometimes you need to unleash potential. Johnston & Goldsmith’s team of executive coaches are qualified and experienced professionals. We develop positive, supportive and challenging one on one relationships with our clients – scaffolding their journey to greater contribution.


Sometimes you need to inspire. Effective mentoring programs are a low cost, high yield strategy for leveraging the talent within your organisation to grow the potential you also hold. Johnston & Goldsmith’s Quick Start mentoring Program manages the risk of mentoring failing to deliver by assisting you to:

  • Define program objectives for your context
  • Facilitate engagement
  • Market and communicate
  • Facilitate mentor and mentoree matching
  • Induct and prepare participants for success
  • Implement a suite of tools to monitor and measure your return on investment
  • Close the program and celebrate your success


Executive Performance Reviews.

Sometimes you need extra hands. Performance Reviews take time and sometimes you need someone to help with the evaluating or a different set of eyes and ears to speak freely.

Johnston & Goldsmith’s Independent Performance Reviews drawn on our depth of experience with Performance Management Frameworks. We make it easier to roll-out performance reviews by ensuring our approach is:

  • Aligned with your mission, strategy and performance management methodologies
  • Independent, accountable and adding value
  • Sensitive to the context of your operating environment


Project Team Induction & Kick-Off Workshops.

Sometimes you need a kick-along. Program and Project Management are a way of life. Businesses in all sectors and industries continue to mature their use of international standards as a way of achieving more with less, and as a mechanism for turning Strategy into action.

Johnston & Goldsmith believe in the value of shared language, of judicious application of theory and in the need to start teams on the right track together. Our Project Team Induction and 'Kick-off' workshops are designed for organisations or teams who are new to Program and Project management. 

The program provides a range of scaffolding strategies to build the internal capability of a project team, supporting the cultural change necessary to adopt program management as a new way of working. We will guide, coach and mentor your project team to:

  • Learn the language of program management 
  • Select and use a relevant suite of documents and tools 
  • Look for ways to be consistent with other parts of your business in their approach
  • Understand and implement Program Governance
  • Build their knowledge and skills in working within a program management paradigm